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Creating a woodworker logo from start to finish


Fascinating look at Illustrator Von Glitschka’s logo creation process.

Many times an agency will mock up a design direction in order to get a client to sign off on it. Once they have it approved they’ll approach me with their rough idea and want me to flesh it out into it’s final form. This type of project usually means I’ll be leveraging both my design and illustration skills to pull it off.

This project will take you through the entire creative process I used to pull off this illustrative logo design, from shooting my own photo reference material to refining my vector artwork with precision.


Logo Illustration

Interesting look at designing logos

Logo design is one of the more mysterious crafts, the intricacies of which are often ignored by the average consumer. I find it fascinating.

It’s extremely important that Logos are created with versatility in mind. As the main component of a company’s corporate identity, the logo acts as the cornerstone of their visual brand. This means it must be reproducible using a huge variety of formats and processes while maintaining the integrity of the logo as it is utilized. Logos may be printed on anything like small business cards and pens to extremely large billboards and signage. They need to work well using traditional print methods like offset lithography and screen printing for T-Shirts, as well as other things the buyer may want like rubber stamps, stickers and embroidered golf shirts. Of course, it must also look fabulous on screen for use on websites and other pixel based media. It’s a good idea to test your logo file at a monitor resolution of 72ppi at an inch or so wide to see what issues may pop up.


6 Things to keep in mind when designing a logo (iStockphoto.com)